AC Engine Project
Life for The Weller 2 Litre 6 Cylinder Engine
1.        Camshaft Fitting Instructions

2.        Article from 1953 on Tuning the AC engine by J.W.E. Fellows
(produced with permission of AC owners club - our comments in bold)

Camshaft Fitting Instructions
You will need an imperial or metric dial indicator and a protractor or timing disc.

1.      Set No.1 piston to T.D.C.
2.      Wind Crankshaft forward - 110 degrees.
3.      Fit dial indicator on No.1 inlet valve cap.
4.      Wind the camshaft round until full lift is obtained on No.1 inlet valve.
5.      Connect timing chain from crankshaft to camshaft timing gear and bolt up.
6.      Wind crankshaft back 110 degrees and the inlet and exhaust valves should be on the rock.
         If they are then the camshaft has been set correctly.