AC Engine Project
Life for The Weller 2 Litre 6 Cylinder Engine
New AC Aluminium Cylinder Heads     August 28th 2012
New AC Cylinder Heads are now available these will fit all AC Weller Engines from Vintage, Post Vintage to Post War Engines & all carry VSCC approvals.
The Vintage & Post Vintage Heads have the three paired inlet port design & the Post War have the option of six round inlet port design, so offering some opportunity to fit alternate carburettors. Matching inlet manifolds are available but on the three paired port design existing manifolds will fit, all drillings are to original design but when ordering we will need to know if a Vintage or Post Vintage head is needed as the water pump drillings are different!
The following are a number of features which we feel offer improvements -
Cam Caps are made from High Spec Aircraft Billet Aluminium.
A longer Rocker Shaft is accommodated with number one cap having extended engagement in the housing.
Serdi Hard Valve Seats are fitted ready for valve seat cutting to suit your valves.
Bronze Valve Guides are fitted Standard which can accommodate valve lip seals.
An oil retaining trough allows the camshaft lobes to pick up oil each rotation so ensuring good lubrication.
An additional set of four stud positions are fitted to the exhaust side of the head to facilitate a stronger manifold location.

Extra long 14mm Spark Plug threads are fitted to offer better plug cooling.
A Direct oil feed is fitted to enable oil to be fed directly into the head via a control flow valve, this is on the filter side of the block, this means that oil Supply is not then needed from number four main bearing housing, so ensuring all main bearings have uninterrupted oil flow.
To offer stronger stud threads we now have roll formed female threads in all stud positions, this complements the all roll formed studs used particularly on the camshaft bearing caps. 

These are the first production batch of Post War Aluminium heads  to be produced all previous AC heads were made in the 20's & 30's some of which are still in use in vintage & as it happens an AC Ace!
Underside of head showing the Combustion Chambers  
Combustion Chambers Showing the Valve Seat Inserts
Top Deck of the head showing the Oil Trough
Spark Plug Locations with 14mm long threads
Direct Oil Feed to Head with a Metering valve in 8mm Banjo Fitting